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Search Engine Optimization


Who Needs SEO?

Of course, you might think I am biased and I am, but I feel that every website on the Internet can benefit from SEO. It is a vital component of any company's web presence. After all, why build an expensive, beautiful website (which we are more than willing to create for you) if no one visits it?

Look at it this way. When you first started your company, you probably spent a lot of your start up capital on advertising. It would be silly to hire a workforce, buy inventory, and rent office space and simply wait for customers to randomly stop by your location.

Do you remember when the budget was real tight (it still may be) and you knew that your company was better than the competition, but they had so much more commercials on TV, radio, and in the newspapers? It probably aggravated you to the point that you were willing to stand outside of their offices with a megaphone proclaiming to all of the customers walking through their doors how you could save them money, or provide them a better service. How did you make it through? You were kind to your customers, asked them for referrals, and advertised as much as your budget would allow.

Well, now you have the opportunity to level the playing field. Just imagine if your company could compete with your largest competition, apples to apples. Your website is one way to accomplish this. It doesn't matter if a huge company like Wal-Mart sells the same products as you, or if a large architectural firm competes for the same contracts as your company. Your website can not only look great, it can also rank well in search engines. That means that your company, no matter how big or small, can represent the quality and excellence that you have strived for so long to achieve. Your website, because of its superior design and high search engine ranking can generate leads, build interest in your company, and even become a cash cow for your business.

Here is my meager attempt at humor, so bare with me.

You might need SEO If:

Your competition puts a link to you on their website, because they feel sorry for you.

  • Your brother's neighbor's kid designed your site as a 6th grade project in 1999.
  • Your old webmaster took a new job somewhere else and you have no idea how to change last year's content.
  • You feel that one visitor a week isn't that fantastic.
  • You already have a website and you like the design, but want to drive more traffic to your website.
  • You feel that having a strong web presence is important and you want to do something to get a leg up on your competition.

It is my humble opinion that my company can help you. Advertising your company is a difficult challenge. You have to figure out what demographics you serve, how to reach them, and how much to spend. Companies spend thousands of dollars on an ad in the Sunday paper that will only catch the eye of a select few.Why not invest for the long run and divert some of your advertising budget in a great website and search engine marketing that could be viewed by millions of people. One of my clients receives over 1000 visitors per day to their website and the numbers are still growing. That is over 365,000 visitors per year. Of course, every industry is different. What could you do with that much traffic? How much business would you be able to drum up? What are you waiting for, an invitation? Ok, here is your invitation!

Contact us for a FREE quote. We will analyze your website and provide a written evaluation of what we can do for you. You can then feel free to show our evaluation to any firm you chose. We are not going to be the cheapest. In the web design and SEO world, cheat doesn't get the work done. We provide quality work and refuse to cut corners. However, we will match any other firm's written offer so long as they are promising to do the same work in the same amount of time.

Search Engine Optimization
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