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All Metals & Forge

The new All Metals & Forge Website is a combination of decades of information resources that had previously never been compiled into one singular location and an advanced metal forging facility. Complete with definitions of various alloys, periodic table, international cross match database, industry specific white papers, forecasting, and just about any information needed for the metals and forging industry; this new site is already considered wonderful tool and is gaining a larger following each day.

In fact, the new All Metals & Forge Website is featured in Forging Magazine. If you would like to read what the industry is saying about this new site please follow the link provided below.

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All Metals & Forge - Web Design Kentucky

PRASE - Web Design Lexington


PRASE stands for Page Rank Assisted Search Engine and is a creation partly out of curiosity and partly out of necessity. PRASE enables users to view a compilation of the three largest search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Live. These three added together creates the PRASE index. It is sorted according to whether a page is indexed on all three, or just one of the major search engines. If a listing shows up in the top 10 of all three then it is given more weight in our results.

In addition to being able to combine all of the searching that you will ever need into one search engine, PRASE also allows for various other searches. The user can search according to PageRank, which is why PRASE was created in the first place, and then dive deep into the doldrums of the search engine rankings to find those jewels with great PageRank, but do not rank well in the various indexes.

Some people prefer to simply see the three search engine result pages together, rather than see them combined into a PRASE index. Therefore, we have enabled those who choose to do so, to unmerge the search results and be able to compare the results head to head.

There are other filters that can be applied to the search as well. Take some time and play with PRASE, you will be amazed at what this tool can do. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Happy searching!


Teachers School Supply

Teachers' School Supply is a large e-commerce website that specializes in elementary and preschool related supplies. They sell everything from playground equipment to bulletin boards. We designed the site with Search Engine Optimization in mind with special emphasis on the highest selling products. The site was launched in May and has tremendous rankings in the various search engines. One of the unique features of the Teachers' School Supply website is the AJAX shopping cart we developed, which enables users to instantly see the products they place in the cart. If you are looking for an e-commerce solution please give us a call and we can provide you a free estimate.


Teachers School Supply - Web Design

Angel Ashes - SEO Web Design

Angel Ashes

Angel Ashes is a very special website devoted to those individuals who have unfortunately lost a member of their family and want to preserve their memory. The Angel Ashes site has a large variety of pet urns and provides the ability to tailor the urn with name plates using AJAX to customize the memorial message. Angel Ashes customers have commented on how the site has provided a since of relief knowing that they were able to get exactly what they wanted and were able to create a customized memory of their beloved pet. If you have a special site that is devoted to a sensitive subject please feel free to call and we can work with you to bring out the true nature of your company through your website.


Dr. Champion

The Videoscopic Institute of Atlanta is operated by Dr. Champion, a very well respected surgeon who specializes in gastric bypass surgery. We wanted to provide a great looking website for Dr. Champion that represented his devotion to his patients. The Dr. Champion website has a wealth of information regarding the various weight loss operations and very descriptive illustrations of the procedures. It is impossible to understand the importance and the community that is created when someone like Dr. Champion changes the lives of his patients, we can only hope that we came close to getting the message across to the visitors of the website. If you are in the medical field and want to get your message across to your visitors please give us a call.


Dr. Champion - Web Design

Corporate Assistance - Lexington Web Design

Corporate Assistance

Corporate Assistance Search Executives is a corporate recruiting firm located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The owner of this company has been in the corporate recruiting field for decades and wanted to incorporate her website into the daily business.

This is one of our most efficient and accomplished websites. We were able to work with Rusty every step of the way to build a website with a unique look and feel as well as over 120,000 lines of fully customized code. We not only built a great looking efficient website, but we also built her a very large Content Management System (CMS) that enables her to input Companies, Categories, and Candidates into her system. This site was 100% custom made and required us to think outside of the box.

In addition to creating and programming this site, we also have performed Search Engine Optimization techniques for the site and have helped in other areas of her marketing strategy. In just the first week of her advertising campaign with the new website, she had over 300 people sign up. This was truly amazing. Her advertising worked and the website enabled her to sort through and organize each of these individuals in her CMS. If you want to know what our company can truly do, please review this website and take a look for yourself.


Corporal Nich

Corporal Nicholas Dieruf gave his life in the Line of Duty in Iraq. He is the brother of one of Don Johnson's good friends. When asked to create this site, we were not prepared for the strong emotions that would be associated with this project. It became more than a project to us; it was a living tribute to a man who made the ultimate sacrifice.

We decided to do the site at no cost in an attempt to do our part to help the cause. The rewards for this site are far more meaningful than any other project we have worked on. If you view this site, please take the time to read about the Corporal Nicholas Dieruf Fund and USA Cares. They are VERY worthy causes. If you choose to make a donation to the Fund, God Bless You.


Corporal Nich - Kentucky Web Design