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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I bring up Pay Per Click Services? For the sake of this report, I am going to proceed as though you are just now hearing words like Pay Per Click, Google Adwords, and Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture). So, sit back, get a cup of coffee and soak this all in. I am about to share some of my biggest secrets about PPC Services on both Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing. Why am I doing this? The short answer is Because I Can! Before I get started, how about I explain what PPC Services are and how they should be used.

Pay Per Click Services exist to provide the opportunity to companies to bid on specific keywords that are associated with their products or services. For example, if a company were selling widgets, they would be able to bid against other companies for the word widgets. In addition to generic words, these Pay Per Click Services also enable their clients to bid on extremely specific keywords (i.e. spotted blue widgets). For larger companies with a ton of cash to blow, this idea is great; however, most companies work on tight advertising budgets. For those smaller companies the whole Pay Per Click Service can be a very frightening venture. They must rely on the person in charge of their account heavily and trust them not to overspend.  

The entire Pay Per Click industry relies on one business phrase, Return on Investment (ROI). If a company spends thousands of dollars using Pay Per Click Services and those visitors do not buy from their website, then they experience a terrible ROI. On the other hand, even if they spend thousands of dollars per month, if their ROI is great, then that company can feel comfortable continuing the Pay Per Click Service.  

There are really only two PPC Services that matter, Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing. Overture was the first in this industry and demonstrated to the web world that a PPC campaign could really work. Yahoo Search Marketing's Sponsored Results show up in Yahoo, MSN, and several other Search Engines that are connected to Yahoo. Google AdWords' results show up in Google and in other Search Engines that use the Google results. This is truly a battle of the titans. Unfortunately, when incorporating PPC into your Internet Marketing Strategy you must use both of these companies. Why? Because if you are going to pay to be seen, then you might as well pay to be seen by as many people as possible. If you simply advertise with Yahoo Search Marketing, then you are cutting out Google users and if you just use AdWords then you are eliminating Yahoo users.  

Just like with any advertising, PPC requires that you target your audience. There is no point in wasting money on people who are not interested in your product or service. With that in mind, why bid on keywords that are generic (i.e. widgets) and costly, when you can be as specific as possible in your keyword selection. For example, if you were looking to buy a pair of shoes on the internet, you would not type shoes in the search engine, you would type in the brand of shoes (Nike), then the style of Nike (Air Max), and even the size or color of shoe. Therefore, your keyword would be "Blue Nike Air Max Size 12". Even though this term is not searched as much as the keyword Shoes or Nike, if you add up all of the clicks from all of your more specific keywords, you usually have quite a lot of volume. So, what does this mean? Simply put, it is better to have a ton of very specific keywords that to have a small amount of broad keywords.  

Even though it is initially very time consuming, there are many benefits of using this method. It not only allows for you to show up for specified keywords, but you will see that you do not have to bid as high for the keyword. In fact, more often than not, you will probably obtain great rankings with minimum bids. The second benefit of this type of targeted marketing is that you can link directly to the page that contains the specific product or service that the visitor wants to buy.   Talk about targeted advertising!

Are you still with me? OK! Now we will move on to how to write an advertisement. Many times, when looking at Sponsored Links, you will see a word or two in bold. I say, why have ads with one or two words in bold, when you can have an entire keyword phrase in bold multiple times for every listing. Yahoo Search Marketing gives you the opportunity to make a unique Title and Description for each keyword. Unfortunately, most companies do not take full advantage of this capability. This tip is just plain common sense, so let me explain it first and then give an example. Always write the title with the keyword phrase in mind. You are limited in the amount of characters that you can use in the Title and in the Description, so use as much of the keyword phrase as possible in the Title and in the Description. For example:  

"Dark Blue Widgets"
Dark Blue Widgets On Sale
Dark Blue Widgets On Sale at Big Bobs Widget Factory. Come Check Out Our Low Prices on Dark Blue Widgets.

The Title and Description might seem a little weird; however, when you look up the keyword phrase on Yahoo or Google and you see your ad with half of the words showing up bold, you will understand how much it grabs your attention. Remember, all of the terms in a search phrase are bolded by the PPC in order to give them more weight.  

There is a lot more to PPC Services and I will expand on this article in the future. If you use these basic tips, you will increase your ROI and have an effective Pay Per Click Campaign. Just remember that you must still Optimize your site for Search Engines, PPC is a great addition to Internet Marketing, but should not be your only means of advertising.

Search Engine Optimization
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