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When discussing Search Engine Ranking, there is no more important aspect than Keywords. What are keywords? Keywords are the words that appear on your website that describe that page. For example, if I were to create a website that sold widgets, then of course the main keyword for the site and most of the pages would be widget(s). Internet Marketing relies almost completely on Keywords. It is a valuable part of the marketing for any company. It sounds like a very simple concept, however, you would be surprised at how many companies actually ignore keywords in their website.

In order to fully understand why keywords are so important, ask yourself how you would find a company or product similar to yours? What would they actually type in the search field? Would they type widgets, or would they be more specific and say blue widgets? They might even type blue widgets in Kentucky. How do you know this information? You simply ask a bunch of people who range from those who don't know anything about widgets all the way to an expert on widgets. You will soon see that what you thought was an easy task of defining keywords has now become an adventure in exploring your company and its products.  

Once you have established what your keywords should be, you then want to make sure that every page that is relevant to that keyword actually uses the word in the text. This is another common mistake that people make. They build a site with multiple pages and place the same keywords on every page. What good is having a good keyword list if you never use the words on the page?  

Now, I will back track a little bit and explain what to do with your keywords when you finally establish them. First, you want to actually list all of the keywords. Second, you want to create a Title for your specific page. This title is important and should include some keywords. Third you want to write a brief description of your specific page using the keywords selected for that page. Fourth, you want to make sure that as many of your keywords appear in the text of the page as possible, without making it sound completely silly. This is an art in of itself, and can often cause gray hairs to appear. Finally, you want to take the list of keywords, description, and title and include them in a set of META tags on the top of your code for website. These META tags are used by some search engines as a brief synopsis of your site, so they are quite important.

Once you have your META tags in order, review the content of the page and make sure that the Keyword Density is accurate. The keyword density is the amount of times that a specific keyword appears on the page. If it is an important keyword it should show up quite often to indicate that the topic of the page is in fact blue widgets and not red widgets. Additionally, keyword distribution is vital to any page. Search engines read from top to bottom and want to see that an important keyword is used throughout the page. Therefore, double check to make sure that you have a high concentration of a given keyword at the top of the page and spread out evenly throughout the entire course of the page. The first 200 words of a page are highly important, search engines like to see important keywords listed early and often.

A well managed keyword campaign is absolutely vital in order to obtain high search engine rankings. Make your list, check it twice, and apply specific keywords throughout your page and you will have good success with search engine rankings. If you have additional questions about keywords, or would like us to take a look at your existing keyword campaign, simply e-mail or call. We will take you through the process, step by step. Good Luck.

Search Engine Optimization
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